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Pyrrhon is the self-proclaimed God of the Sun, an eccentric character who sees himself as a champion of justice, with characteristics similar to superheroes. Pyrrhon is one of the few deities not involved in the conflict among Palutena, Viridi, and Hades prior to the Aurum invasion because he is not highly regarded among gods.

Aurum attack and death of PyrrhonEdit

When the Aurum invade their world, Pyrrhon holds off the first invasion fleet while Pit manages to take out the Aurum Core. After saving the unconscious Pit, Pyrrhon focuses his attention on the reinforcement fleet before attempting to help the angel eliminate the Aurum Generator, which actually backfires. After overseeing the fleet's resulting destruction, Pyrrhon sees nothing to get in the way of reaching the Aurum Brain.

As the story line progressed, Pyrrhon exhibited a preternatural knowledge of the Aurum. It eventually becomes apparent that Pyrrhon had an ulterior motive in helping Pit: to take the power of the Aurum Brain in order to become a "level infinity epic super!" and control the Aurum fleet to raise his rank as a deity. However, the Aurum Brain takes control of him instead. After Pit defeats him, Pyrrhon explodes and sends out a huge pillar of fire that launches the remaining Aurum back into space towards the other side of the galaxy.